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Comprehensive Neuropsych and Occupational Assessments for ECT Recipients

People living with repetitive mild traumatic brain injuries (RmTBI) report difficulties in brain function which does not show up on standard structural scans. RmTBI causes microstructual damages, too small to be seen on modern brain scans. Consequently, people living with RmTBI must get neuropsych testing to measure changes in brain function. Access to comprehensive RmTBI [...]

ECT, Memory Loss, and Learning Difficulties

Photo credit: PsychologyToday used under the "fair use" principle for educational purposes.   Many ECT recipients report problems with access to testing for brain injury. Cellular damage caused by repetitive mild traumatic brain injury from high field strength electrical trauma cannot be captured on standard scans. How do you know which test is [...]

Why did I start an international shock treatment petition?

Most people think shocking people in mental hospitals stopped decades ago. It's alive, well and growing in popularity. Doctors and hospital websites say it is safe and effective, but did you know the FDA never required safety testing? Were you aware that ECT has no standardized operating procedures (SOPs) for the "method of administration?" One [...]

Living with Electroconvulsive Therapy’s Electrical Injury

My brother made this silly photo showing my upgrade from Utah red to BYU blue... as I looked at it, the "upgrade" just seemed so ironic as I'm gradually losing mobility and independence due to electrical injury caused by electroconvulsive therapy. So while I do love my BYU Blue chair ... I've stared at [...]

10: How to Create A Crisis Plan for Mental Health

Planning ahead for crisis when you're well, empowers you to maintain the ability to make choices regarding treatment when you may not physically have the ability to voice your opinion or preferences.  Creating a crisis plan requires taking a hard look at what you need when you are in crisis and then expressing it in [...]

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My Recovery Journey: A spiritual perspective

Shawn Rapier, host of the Latter-day Lives podcast poses with Sarah after their interview. After nearly two decades in a mental health system which doesn't recognize spiritual experiences as anything more than a form of mental illness, it's rare that I share my personal perspective and beliefs about my recovery journey. However, not [...]

9: Developing your Action Plan for early warning signs (Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP)-Part 4)

Can you recognize the early warning signs of mental illness? Do you have an action plan to keep things in check?Let's build your WRAP. Sarah mentions her guest appearance on the Latter-day Lives Podcast.

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Guest on The Dr Peter Breggin Hour

Dr. Peter Breggin, a psychiatrist whom I view as a living legend, invited onto his weekly radio hour as an official guest. He's worked for decades shining a spotlight on unethical psychiatric treatments and their affect on patients. It was an honor to be invited to share my story with his listeners. Dr. Breggin [...]

8: Daily Maintenance Plan & Triggers-Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) Part 3

Whether you're at the gateway pondering your Recovery Journey or further along in your passage, building & maintaining emotional self-reliance requires having a wellness toolbox filled to the brim with daily, practical strategies to keep yourself on track and a keen awareness of personal triggers which might shift your journey. This week's podcast includes a [...]

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